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After using the Spotify Web Player for a few weeks, it started to frustrate me that I couldn’t use the media keys to control playback. I created PlayTray, a handy macOS tray app that allows you to use them again:

PlayTray in action


  • Use the play, pause, forward and backward media keys on your Mac to control playback on the Spotify Web App
  • See the currently playing track in your tray with just one click
  • Control playback on other devices (phone, TV, etc)
  • An automatic update notifier makes it easy to upgrade to the latest version


  • Spotify Premium account
  • macOS 10.9 or later

Download Latest (v1.1.2)

Heads up

PlayTray does take control of the media keys over any other app, so if you want to use the media keys for another app - for example iTunes, you should quit PlayTray and things should work as you’d expect again.

Privacy Policy & Terms

PlayTray communicates with a server to access and refresh authorisation tokens from Spotify. No logs of these tokens are stored at any time. This software is not created or maintained by Spotify, and I am not associated with them in any way.

This software includes automatic update functionality. In order to provide this service, the software communicates with a server to discover the latest versions of the software. No personally-identifiable information is transferred during this process.

Further, anonymous usage information is gathered in order to improve the application in the future. No personally-identifiable information is transferred during this process.

I am in no way responsible for your use of this application, nor for any damages, loss of income or any other misfortune that may befall you while using this application.

If you do not agree to the above, please do not download or use this application.